Build Collective is NOT your average real estate group. We’re a team of realtors, developers, new construction experts, marketers, videographers and go-getters… all at your disposal! We work hard every day for you, our Buyers and Sellers, to create opportunities rather than wait for them to find us or you!


Learn about each of our team members and how they can help you!


Mike Hines

Team Manager


Bill Hines

Land Man


Bob Hines

New Construction Specialist


Brandi Schildmeyer

Resale Agent



Build Collective is dedicated to delivering properties in the communities that our buyers would like to live. It’s that simple!

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With dozens and dozens of land, lots and homes, our inventory is constantly changing and not always ready to be actively marketed. Once a month you will receive our current inventory of newly acquired lots and pre-construction homes so you can be the first to hear of opportunities.

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