Homes in Indian Hill are expensive.  There’s no doubt about it.  But, have you ever considered what draws so many prospective buyers to the Village and why residents never seem to want to leave?  We can tell you it’s not just the wooded, rolling landscape or the large lot sizes that keeps some of nation’s wealthiest living there.  In fact, here quite a few secrets not widely broadcasted that make Indian Hill one of the most popular municipalities in the country!

Are you intrigued?  Well, you should be.  You might be amazed to see how well your tax dollars are spent in this quaint, little village:

  1. Property Taxes – Indian Hill is one of the few areas where you see exactly where your property taxes are going.  AND, they’re much lower than the surrounding municipalities.  A $1,000,000 home in Indian Hill would cost you around $13,914/year in taxes compared to $17,165 in Montgomery or 22,834/year in Madeira! That’s a pretty drastic swing considering all that Indian Hill has to offer.
  2. Income Taxes – How often do you see a reduction in taxes?  Indian Hill did just that in 2015 by reducing their Income Tax rate to .575%.  Village Council consistently reviews their tax rate to make sure their tax rate matches their budgetary needs and is not glutenous.  
  3. School District – High School was recently ranked #4 in OHIO by US News and #181 in the NATION! They have been as high as the #1 school in the State and are constantly in the top 5.
  4. Indian Hill Rangers – The Rangers are special in their own right.  Just ask any resident.  They have 24 hour monitoring of residential security systems, specialize training well beyond any local police force and you’d probably know their names if you lived in Indian Hill!
  5. Trash Removal – Doesn’t sound very sexy does it.  But what if you never had to pull your trash cans to the street again?  That could be a reality if you bought a house in Indian Hill.  Not to mention, they’ll come over to pick up junk if you give them a call.
  6. Average Sales Price – The average sales price of single family homes in Indian Hill this September is higher than any other area in Cincinnati at $1,213,875.
  7. Development Restrictions and Zoning – To keep the rural and intimate feel, Indian Hill has strict planning and zoning codes that require 1, 3 & 5 Acre lot size districts.  Yes, there are nonconforming lots in Indian Hill smaller than 1 acre, but you’ll get more elbow room in Indian Hill than most other areas!
  8. Public Water – They have their own water supply and distribution with the highest of standards and compliance – Indian Hill Water Works! How many other small villages or communities can say the same?

As you can see, Indian Hill has quite a bit to offer.  So, is it the place for you and your family? If you’d like to find out, give us a call to look at some homes and lots in Indian Hill!