A Lot to Love in Madeira with John Henry Homes!

A Lot to Love in Madeira with John Henry Homes!

If you’ve driven through Madeira over the past few months or even few years, I’m sure you’ve noticed all of the new construction popping up. It comes as no surprise to residents in the community since they know that Madeira is such an attractive place to live with it’s walkability, downtown district and proximity to Downtown as a suburb. And, of course, we can’t forget to mention the highly rated school district – one of the top in the State!

But, how do you sift through and compare all of the new construction opportunities? This is a request of our clients all the time and it’s simple to breakdown. You just have to break Madeira up into sections and understand the key players….
So, let’s take a closer look:
In Madeira, there are quite a few great builders: Ashford Homes, Legendary Homes, Buckhead Homes, & John Henry Homes to name a few. These builders each have their own strengths that draw clients in their own way. We’ve had the opportunity to work with virtually every builder in the area and know how great they are.
Let’s dive into one builder in particular so we can explain Madeira and it’s opportunities. John Henry Homes is one of Madeira’s most active builders with almost a dozen lots and half a dozen homes under construction. Before you ask, yes, we represent John Henry in Madeira, so of course we’re biased.
If you don’t know, John Henry is not a person. It’s two people. Josh (Henry) Blatt and John Blatt are brothers that have been building for 25 years. They have built all around the Cincinnati area for hundreds of happy customers and pride themselves on offering a quality home with as little frustration as possible.
As you review John Henry’s lot inventory, you’ll see that they have homes ranging in the low end (for Madeira) at $550,000 to up over $700,000. These price point differences come from size of home to lot type and location. Jumping into a few examples we can break Madeira up into two sections:
East of Miami and West of Miami: 
On the WEST SIDE of Miami, you’ll find larger lots in Madeira. Larger is relative, but this means they’re anywhere from 70′-80′ wide and homes start around $700,000 because the lots and teardown homes are more expensive.
Example: 7431 North Mingo by John Henry Homes. Although this home as not been set, it would most likely feature a 3 car front entry garage with 2800 ft. plus above grade for around $729,000.

List of lots available on the WEST side of Miami:

  • 7431 North Mingo – 80′ lot
  • 7450 Dawson
  • 7210 Fowler – 80′ lot
  • 7128 Mayfield – Smaller 60′ lot, exception to the larger lot
On the EAST SIDE of Miami, lots tend to be a bit cheaper and smaller. They range from 50-60′ wide and around 140′ deep. This allows for 2 car front entry homes at anywhere from 2400-2600 ft (sometimes more) and homes priced from $550,000. Historically, the further east you go the lesser expensive the lots, but this is NOT always true.
List of lots and homes available on the EAST side of Miami:
  • 7239 Thomas
  • 7300 Iuka
  • 7304 Iuka
  • 7238 Iuka
  • 7237 Iuka 
Keep in mind there are exceptions, like Southside, Summit, Fowler, Mayfield as I mentioned above. This section is south of Euclid on the west side of Miami.
That said, the above breakdown is a good basis to follow so you can know where to focus your search based on your price point. Of course, there plenty of great builders and we encourage you to meet with a few, but select your favorite lot! You can always change things in the house, but you CAN’T change the location or lot.
For more information, email Mike Hines at [email protected] or call 513-686-7676.


Ashford & Build Cincinnati’s Lot Launch – Sunday July 16th – 12 – 2pm
Have you been struggling to find that perfect house or perfect lot? You’re not alone! Inventory levels are at all time lows, especially in areas like Montgomery, Madeira, Blue Ash and Hyde Park.
Well, we might have a solution to this problem! Build Cincinnati and Ashford Homes’ upcoming Lot Launch is promising to bring some exciting new properties. We’ve been struggling to keep these properties a secret over the past few months and can’t wait to share them with you on July 16th!
The Details
Date: Sunday July 16 12-2PM
Location: 7009 Summit Ave in Madeira
Bonus Tour: Check out Ashford’s latest finished home with all the bells and whistles.  This sold home has design features we promise you’ll want to steal!
Here’s what’s in store for Sunday…
Meet the Builders – Jack Rupp and Michael Ward from Ashford Homes will be there to tell you all about Ashford, their process, and their upcoming availability.
Tour 7009 Summit – This is one of our favorite homes in Madeira and you have the rare opportunity to tour a finished and sold home! This exquisitely designed home features a lighting package to die for, a gourmet eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors throughout the home and so many other features you NEED to see.
VIP Launch of New Homes & Lots – This Lot Launch will feature BRAND NEW properties: homes that are almost finished, under construction and blank slate lots for you to design your own home on.  Don’t fight the masses for the best lot…find out about them before they hit the market.
Learn about the Infill/Teardown Market – As Cincinnati’s leading infill acquisition and sales team, Build Cincinnati Reps will be there to teach you all about the process. Come with questions so we can help you navigate this constantly changing market.
With all of that to offer, we’re pretty sure there’s no where better to spend a couple of houses on Sunday! Hope to see you there!  Questions?  Call us at 513.260.0424!
Madeira New Home Tour – April 9, 2017

Madeira New Home Tour – April 9, 2017

Madeira New Home Tour! April 9, 2017 from 1-3PM

Strap on your boots! It’s almost time for Build Cincinnati’s 2nd annual New Homes Tour.  This time it’s all going down in Madeira.  We’re offering clients, friends and potential buyers the opportunity to tour ALL of our properties in Madeira, no matter what stage of construction they’re in: pre-teardown, raw land, framed, drywall-ed and completed homes!  Even though we’re focusing on Madeira this year, but our Question and Answer Session will stretch into all of our areas, which include Montgomery, Blue Ash, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout and Indian Hill.


If you didn’t join us last year, we actually started things off with a live Teardown.  We’re changing things up this year and meeting up at a 100% completed home by Classic Living Homes at 7450 Shewango Way in Madeira.  This home is listed at $739,900 with a gorgeous white kitchen, finished basement and 2nd floor master. It’s worth your time just to see this house!

And, if this isn’t your cup of tea, we’ll have quite a few other homes and lots.  The final products range from $500,000 to around $750,000.  In fact, we’ll have 5 experts on site that can take you to our other properties.  We’re even offering  self drive or agent guided tours, depending on what you’re looking for.

So, what can you learn at the Madeira Teardown Tour.  Here’s just a few highlights:

What is a teardown or infill lot?

What does it cost to teardown a lot?

What is the ratio of house to land for a new construction home on a teardown or infill lot?

Who are some of the best builders in the area?

How can I compare builders?

How long is the building process?

Learn more about the steps of the building process.

What are the different price ranges in Madeira and other communities?


We hope you’ll find the time to join us to learn about new construction through Cincinnati.  We promise, it’s worth your while!!


-Mike Hines

Build Cincinnati