A Dummy’s Guide to Homearama in Cincinnati!

A Dummy’s Guide to Homearama in Cincinnati!

Homearama is days away and you should start getting excited because the homes are amazing! We know this first hand because we’ve been there over the past few months and have seen the home come together. We’re spending so much time there since we’re lucky enough to represent Sterling Homes with their #Woodburn show home.

So now that we’ve agreed that Homearama is worth the trip, there are a few things that you need to know to enjoy the show fully!

When is the show and what are the hours? Well, you’ll have no shortage of opportunity to get out there. The show runs from July 20th to August 5th and runs from 4-10pm Monday through Thursday and 12-10pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Pro Tip: The best time to visit are the off hours when it’s the least busy. Typically, that’s around 4 pm on the weekdays or late afternoons or evenings on the weekends. 

Where is it? It’s up in Union Township…don’t know where that is? It’s basically where Mason meets Lebanon at Route 42 and Columbia Rd. For the best direction, CLICK HERE for the Google Map. It’ll get you right where you need to go!

Tickets: Buy Tickets before the show! We have access to tickets at a discounted rate if you come to us EARLY!! That means this week or early next so don’t dilly dally. If you want to save a few bucks, you can always go to Kroger or buy them on the cincybuilders.com website. Click here to buy tickets now or email us at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up!

What to look for? Besides coming to see me, the Build Cincinnati Team and of course, the Sterling Woodburn home, there are lots of cool things to see! Seriously though, the homes start at $1,100,000 purchase price and only go up so there are all kinds of incredible features you may only see on HGTV or at Homearama. Some of our favorite things that you’ll get to see are the tunnel between two homes, the comeback of brass, a multi-generation home (yes, that’s a real thing!) and mailboxes with fire coming out of them! Ok, that last one might be a stretch, but they do have a gas flame that’s an incredible touch to the community.

The Lebanon Train: Make a day out of Homearama by riding the Mason & Monroe Train. You can ride to the show and back with the kids as it’ll let you out just a couple hundred yards from the show. We’ll be taking our daughter on the train and to the show so we encourage you to join! For details, click here

The Entertainment: Come to the homes, but stay for the party. Almost every night there will be different types of entertainment! Click Here for a list of fun events going on at the show.

Next Year’s Homearama: Want to save some major money on your next custom home? Homearama is the place to do it with plenty of savings from vendors and suppliers. Reach out to Build Cincinnati today so we can share how to build in the new Kensington community on the edge of Mason and Symmes Township right near the Fields Ertel exit on I71.

Discover Kensington

Have you discovered the brand new KENSINGTON neighborhood in Deerfield Township? Now is time to take a look and pick the best home site before you miss out! You can also visit our webpage to learn more! https://buildcollective.com/kensington-2/Classic Living Homes Walker Homes M3P

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Tiny Home: If you’re not in the market for a new Custom home, maybe the Tiny Home will be more up your alley. It’ll be a nice change of base from the other 10 homes!If none of these reasons do it for you, then how about just a day or night out! We all could use more of those. Come by and see us so you can see the incredible home that Sterling Homes has built as well as quite a few other custom homes that will leave a lasting memory!

If none of these reasons do it for you, then how about just a day or night out! We all could use more of those. Come by and see us so you can see the incredible home that Sterling Homes has built as well as quite a few other custom homes that will leave a lasting memory!

By the way, here’s a fun video playlist where you can watch Sterling Homes’ WoodBurn Home take shape and the inspiration behind each of the features!

Wasson Way Trail Ground Breaking!

Wasson Way Trail Ground Breaking!

Good news for anyone living on the East Side: The Wasson Way Trail has broken ground on it’s first phase and is well on it’s way to being a reality! As a former resident of Oakley (just feet from the trail), I am seconding guessing my decision to leave. This trail will be a fantastic addition to an already awesome community… at least I’m only a few miles away!

What is Wasson Way, you might ask? Wasson Way is a 7.6 mile trail that will go through 10 Cincinnati neighborhoods. It will connect the I-71 area near Oakley and Norwood with the 78 mile long Loveland Bike Trail.  The first phase has broken ground near Madison Road and Rookwood Commons, and the second phase follows along Wasson Road; hence, the name!

As you may know, this project has been in the works for a number of years.  Supporters have been working tirelessly on Wasson Way by lobbying to purchase the necessary property  in conjunction with the City of Cincinnati.

Now, you may have to wait until 2020 to get all the way to the Loveland Bike Trail and be on your way to Xenia. The first phase may be underway, but a project like this tends to take a while to approve, fund and build the entire path. Hopefully, we’ll all get to see this become a reality in just a few short years!

Sources: http://wassonway.org/



Ashford & Build Cincinnati’s Lot Launch – Sunday July 16th – 12 – 2pm
Have you been struggling to find that perfect house or perfect lot? You’re not alone! Inventory levels are at all time lows, especially in areas like Montgomery, Madeira, Blue Ash and Hyde Park.
Well, we might have a solution to this problem! Build Cincinnati and Ashford Homes’ upcoming Lot Launch is promising to bring some exciting new properties. We’ve been struggling to keep these properties a secret over the past few months and can’t wait to share them with you on July 16th!
The Details
Date: Sunday July 16 12-2PM
Location: 7009 Summit Ave in Madeira
Bonus Tour: Check out Ashford’s latest finished home with all the bells and whistles.  This sold home has design features we promise you’ll want to steal!
Here’s what’s in store for Sunday…
Meet the Builders – Jack Rupp and Michael Ward from Ashford Homes will be there to tell you all about Ashford, their process, and their upcoming availability.
Tour 7009 Summit – This is one of our favorite homes in Madeira and you have the rare opportunity to tour a finished and sold home! This exquisitely designed home features a lighting package to die for, a gourmet eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors throughout the home and so many other features you NEED to see.
VIP Launch of New Homes & Lots – This Lot Launch will feature BRAND NEW properties: homes that are almost finished, under construction and blank slate lots for you to design your own home on.  Don’t fight the masses for the best lot…find out about them before they hit the market.
Learn about the Infill/Teardown Market – As Cincinnati’s leading infill acquisition and sales team, Build Cincinnati Reps will be there to teach you all about the process. Come with questions so we can help you navigate this constantly changing market.
With all of that to offer, we’re pretty sure there’s no where better to spend a couple of houses on Sunday! Hope to see you there!  Questions?  Call us at 513.260.0424!

Good Funds Law in Ohio!



  • Buyer’s need to make plans to wire deposits for closing rather than bring a cashiers check
  • Funds under $1000 will be accepted via a check, but anything above must be wired.
  • Buyer’s must prepare to wire funds weeks in advance to avoid any issues.

Closings are changing on April 6th and it might add another step for you as Buyers.  But don’t worry, we’re here to keep you informed and prepared!

Here’s what you need to know:

On April 6, 2017, the Ohio Good Funds Law goes into effect.  Settlement agents, which are the title people that close a real estate transaction, can only disperse funds once they’ve been deposited in their accounts.  What does this mean: the funds from the closing can only be dispersed and finalized once the funds from the Buyer are present in the title companies bank accounts (not just brought to closing as a check).  This means you can no longer bring a Cashier’s Check the day of closing as in the past.  The funds must be wired prior to closing so that they can verify the funds are “good” and available.

In an effort to ease the process for you as a Buyer, we suggest preparing for the wire as early as two weeks prior to closing. Make sure funds are ready to send from one accounts, or as few as possible ideally, while also discussing the wiring process with your bank.  Typically, you’ll have to do this in person at the bank branch so if you’re from outside of Cincinnati, make sure you make preparations prior to leaving your home.

If you are the Seller of a property, you can still choose to have the title company cut you a check for the proceeds at closing or wire the funds directly after.  Keep in mind that title companies will charge a fee for outgoing wires.  Also, as any wire, double check the wiring instructions (especially if emailed) to prevent any fraud or hacking.

Below is a list of acceptable forms of transferring funds to the title companies:

  1. Wires!
  2. Checks up to $1,000 (Cashier, Personal, Money Order, Business or Official)
  3. ACH – Automated Clearing House Checks or Transfer within the United States.
  4. Checks from Real Estate Broker’s Escrow/Trust Accounts.

Tips for wires:

  • Double check any wiring instructions sent via email with a phone call to the title company.
  • If you have questions or any doubt, ask your real estate agent or title company.
  • Keep in mind that there are wiring fees charged by the banks.  To keep these minimal try to wire funds from one account if possible to avoid multiple fees or any confusion.
Abington “sparks ‘unprecedented’ demand” – Article by Cincinnati Business Courier

Abington “sparks ‘unprecedented’ demand” – Article by Cincinnati Business Courier

Thanks to Cincinnati Business Courier and Tom Demeropolis for the article on our development, Abington! It’s located in Symmes Twp and Loveland Schools.

Link: http://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2016/10/11/exclusive-infill-home-development-sparks.html

By: Tom Demeropolis

A new single-family home development is underway in the hot northeast suburban market.

Build Cincinnati, through its development arm Land Resource, is developing Abington in Symmes Township. The new community will have 21 homesites. Fischer Homes will be the exclusive builder in the new community.

Mike Hines with Build Cincinnati said the in-fill site is already drawing a lot of attention from potential buyers. The neighborhood is about 70 days away from being ready for home construction.

“It’s going to be a fantastic site for us,” Hines told me.

Fischer Homes will build its masterpiece collection of homes in Abington. Homes are expected to be priced between $410,000 and more than $600,000.

Steve Whaley, corporate marketing manager with Fischer Homes, said the homebuilder has received interest from hundreds of potential buyers. To handle what it has called “unprecedented demand,” Fischer Homes will host a “community release event” to share information about the project.

The meeting is scheduled 5-6:30 p.m. Oct. 20 at Marmalade Lily in Loveland, located at 9850 Schlottman Road. Fischer Homes will accept refundable $1,000 checks at the event for customers to have the chance to reserve a homesite and secure pre-construction pricing. The order of home and homesite selection will be determined at the conclusion of the event.

“It’s a prime location,” Whaley told me. “There is not a lot of new building in Loveland in a prime spot.”

Another recent development is seeing a similar level of interest from buyers. M/I Homes hosted a lot lottery for its homesites in the Ambleside Meadows development in Mason. M/I Homes also said it’s seeing “huge demand” for homes in its Jackson Woods community in Clermont County’s Miami Township. Like Abington, Jackson Woods is in Loveland School District.

Abington sits on about 8 acres on the west side of North Lebanon Road between Home of the Brave Park and south of Union Cemetery Road. The community is close to Loveland Schools, downtown historic Loveland and will have a path that connects to Home of the Brave Park. While Abington is located in Symmes Township, it is part of Loveland City Schools.

Fischer Homes plans to start construction on a model home in January with delivery of the first customer homes expected in May 2017.

Demeropolis covers commercial real estate and development.

Things to Know Before Custom Home Builders Start Building

Getting a custom home built is a great way of creating a property, but there’s a whole set of pitfalls that can easily be avoided. It could be you’re looking at home lots Cincinnati wise, or maybe somewhere even further afield for constructing your property. If this is the case, then it’s best you learn some pointers to get started.

Budgeting Yourself

Before you start, you will need to make sure that what you’re going to be building is a financially viable venture. This could include getting a mortgage and a loan in order to get things started. Be sure to draw up a budget plan first in order to make any plans necessary along with any changes that might be required.

This has to be completed before contacting the builders themselves, as you don’t want to be out of pocket for the job itself. Getting pre-approved for your loan is important first of all as this is what will help you begin. Once you have this, you should then schedule a repayment plan along with all the other costs and fees to be paid. After this, you should start looking into gaining the relevant planning permissions.

Getting the Professionals In

After you have secured all of your finances you need to start working on getting yourself an estimate for your building project. This will involve getting on a team of professionals and specialists who can offer you their best estimate for the job in question. They should then be able to examine every detail giving a clear outline of what it will involve and how much exactly it will cost you.

Then comes the negotiations and these are important as you need to work on getting yourself the best deal that you possibly can. Research any firms you can beforehand and shop around so as to see who will compete to provide you with the best offer. It might seem a little overwhelming, but it can be managed quite easily with some prior research and planning.

After this has all been completed you should be far closer to getting the custom built home that you want. There are plenty of home lots Cincinnati based or otherwise that can easily accommodate all your needs. With research and preparation though, you should be able to gain the success you desire.