Sellers Wanted!  Three Reasons Why Winter is A Great Time to Sell Your Home

Sellers Wanted! Three Reasons Why Winter is A Great Time to Sell Your Home

Sellers Wanted! Three Reasons Why Winter is A Great Time to List Your Home

The sun is shining (at least for today), and while the calendar says winter, the market says SPRING. With the holidays behind us, it’s time to get serious about listing your home. There’s no need to wait for warmer weather; getting your home on the market first can also mean getting it sold FIRST. 

Top 3 reasons to list NOW:

1. Buyers are hunting, and less inventory means MORE attention for your listing.

You’ve heard of the theory of supply and demand. With fewer choices on the market, there’s a greater possibility buyers will be giving your home a look (or a second, maybe even a third). Is it a great fit? Let’s hope. If it’s not, they’re more likely to consider making adjustments rather than waiting for the perfect house to come along (while they’re living in their cramped apartment or parents’ basement). Winter-time lookers tend to be more serious. Give them something to look AT (and never end a sentence with a preposition).

2. Lower inventory can also lead to HIGHER SALES PRICES!

“I want to sell my house for a lower amount.” (said no one ever). Put your house on the market now and you’re more likely to get full value. Why? One word: competition. You don’t have as much. With fewer houses on the market, potential buyers have fewer options to compare and are less likely to negotiate aggressively.

3. Less business can lead to a SMOOTH TRANSACTION.

Everyone gets busy during the spring and delays can be a huge frustration for both buyers and sellers. With fewer transactions occurring during the winter months, lenders, appraisers and inspectors have more time to focus on your property. Bypass those long lines. Get your house on the market early and put your listing in the express lane.

Bottom line:

If you’re ready to sell, there’s never a bad time to list your home, but don’t procrastinate (keep that New Year’s resolution). The buyers are out there. Let your house be the “new listing” getting everyone’s attention and let us show you how to do it.

Making the decision to sell your home can be an overwhelming. Brandi Schildmeyer, at Build Collective, Coldwell Banker West Shell can help you understand the process and make sure you get the most for your home in the shortest amount of time.

Inspections May Be the Most Important Step of the  Home Buying Process!

Inspections May Be the Most Important Step of the Home Buying Process!

So Just How Does the Inspection Process Work?

So you’ve put a contract in on a homes and now It is time for inspections.  You may think that the most important thing when negotiating the contract is the purchase price, but in our opinion it is the inspection process!

Hiring a certified home inspector is one of the best decisions you can make when buying a home. They are over 1,200 items that home inspectors look at during the inspection on your new home. Some of the biggest items are: structure, foundation, roof, plumbing, mechanicals and appliances. There are also other inspections that you can have done usually for an extra cost that include radon, termite, sewer and mold testing.
Buying a home is normally the largest investment that you make in your life so it is very important to have all of these items checked so you make a wise financial decision.
Can you imagine buying a house and not having an inspection done? Imagine a year later finding out you have major structural issues or that you need a new roof. Having an inspection done before purchasing a home can protect you for years to come on your new purchase!  If issues are found during the inspection, you as a buyer can negotiate items to be repaired or replaced by the seller.  The Seller is not obligated to fix any item, but it allows the buyer the option to reconsider the purchase or fix things before they move in.
This is why we feel the home inspection process is one of the most important steps when going through the home buying process. Don’t make the mistake of buying a new home without having an inspection performed!
Fall Market:  What to Expect

Fall Market: What to Expect

Did you realize that the Fall market is already here! It snuck up on us. It might not feel like it with these 90 degree days, but now that Labor Day has come and gone, we’re in the heat of the Fall market. Literally.
Over the years, we’ve seen an incredibly strong market in September and October because of lack of inventory and increasing demand. This year is no different, but there are some trends in the market that you’ll want to keep an eye on so you can see how they might effect your selling and buying plans.
To understand the market though, we first to explain how we view and track the local real estate market. We’ve all heard that real estate is all about location and that’s never been more true. We like to use the term “Hyper Local”. What does this mean? Well, each neighborhood has it’s own ecosystem if you will. Demand and supply can be different from one neighbor or another…heck, from one street to another.  Monthly, our Build Cincinnati team reviews the sales, listings and trends for each area we focus to understand the health of that market. We even go as far as breaking each area up by price point.
An example would be looking at Montgomery and Hyde Park. Below, you’ll find a quick breakdown of home sales and listings at different price points and their average days on market. By going hyper local, we can best advise our clients on how to position their homes or buying plans.
Less Than $400,000 – 10 Listings
$401,000 – $700,000 – 26 Listings (2 New Construction)
$700,000+ – 40 Listings (18 Resale or Completed Homes & 22 New Construction)
Hyde Park 
Less Than $400,000 – 28 Listings
$401,000 – $700,000 – 18 Listings
$700,000+ – 25 Listings
Most people are under the impression that each of these areas are Seller Markets, meaning the lack of inventory gives Seller’s the edge. That might be true some cases, but in many, there is actually a growing amount of inventory. Before you worry though, Cincinnati in general only has 2.1 month absorption rate. This means that if there were no new listings, all of the homes would be sold in 2.1 months (theoretically, of course). A balanced market in Cincinnati is 4.5-5 Months, so we’re still well below that.
Here’s what this means to you:
For Sellers: the market is strongHome prices are up 7.4% across Ohio. However, Sellers and Agents need to be care not to become over confident in a home’s ability to sell at any price. When pricing your home to sell, we need to be ever vigilant in finding that sweet spot on pricing. The first two weeks after listing are the most important and you only have one chance to do it right. We always arm our clients with list price range and of course, a suggested list price. When reviewing the competition and sales, be sure that you’re being objective.
For Buyers: Inventory is low in most cases, but there are great properties that come on the market (or we find through back channels) routinely! Our team is hungry to find new homes, lots and opportunities for our Buyers, but we all have to work harder than ever to find them. This means making yourself available as much as you can to see homes the moment they hit the market and being pre-approvaled!  We’ll be sure to take care of you on this front!!
Building Buyers: Cost is going up so get it now before it gets even more expensive to build! Over the past 12 months, the cost to build has gone up 8-10%. That’s purely the cost of materials and contractor work. Lumber, hardwood, labor, roofing, you name it! The longer you wait to build, the higher likelihood that the cost will go up even more. Land and lot opportunities are more difficult and more expensive to find too. If you’ve considered building, now might be the time to explore it a little more seriously.
With that, we’ll leave you with an interesting statement that sums up what many are seeing out there and to calm any of those that are throwing the term bubble around…
“We’re seeing the first indications that price appreciation may be slowing, but the underlying fundamental housing market conditions support a natural moderation of house prices rather than a sharp decline.” -Mark Fleming Chief Economist at First American
Anderson’s Finest!

Anderson’s Finest!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect home in Anderson, we found it and it could be all yours!

It’s nestled in Ivy Trails just off Eight Mile and waiting for you…

What makes this the perfect home? It’s the comfortable room flow and elegant design in each

space. It’s the private and wooded lot to which the house is perfectly placed. It’s the

extravagant yet relaxing patio and salt water pool area. We could go on forever, but we won’t

do that to you! Just trust us, it’s spectacular!


Upon entry into the Ivy Trails community, this gorgeous home awaits you at the end of the Ivy

Trails Lane cul-de- sac. No matter your taste in architecture, we’re positive you’d agree that this

home has enough curb appeal to invite you in upon first gaze. The country french exterior

complete with a front porch creates a timeless design that will last through the years.

It’s tough to articulate just how spectacular this home is, so instead, we thought we’d list out

some of our favorite features!


1. The Pool Area – On a Summer day like today, you’ll want to cut out early and relax by

this incredible pool and patio area with the kids. You can use the 9’ deep end for

cannonballs or relax on the pool deck to soak up the rays!

2. Kitchen and Hearth Room – If you’re looking for a cozy, intimate area to spend time with

your family and friends, this is it! Just turn on the gas fireplace, pour a drink and unwind

for the day!

3. Wine Cellar and Basement Bar – This is where you can kick things up a notch! With a 100

bottle wine cellar and complementary bar, the drinks won’t stop flowing. Just keep an

eye on the kids…


4. Unbelievable Walkout Lower Level – You name it, this basement has it. Start the day off

by burning some calories in the exercise room, then cool down by watching a movie in

the wainscoted theater and finish it off with a game of pool! And, if that doesn’t strike

your fancy, the bar and wine cellar is nestled in the corner to drink the day away!

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a ring or call you agent so you can see what all the hype is

all about!

Take a look at the virtual tour to see more of this perfect home!

7740 Jolain has it ALL!

7740 Jolain has it ALL!

Here it is! One of the top listings that will hit the market this year. The address is 7740 Jolain in the City of Montgomery and it’s one of the most complete, luxury homes around. Complete might sound like a random adjective for a home, but it has LITERALLY everything you could want in a home so it just works.
Don’t believe me, I’ll prove it to you.  What do you think about these features…
  1. An INCREDIBLE outdoor space with a pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, and covered pergula patio with outdoor TV. There’s even room for a giant trampoline! And with Summer right around the corner, we know where to find the future owner and their friends on a nice day. 
  2. It’s walkable to the Downtown Montgomery and miles of pathways! Not to mention that it’s on one of Montgomery’s favorite streets surrounded by other $1M+ custom homes.
  3. A Wine Lovers Dream! The paint is still drying in study turned Wine Room. A brand new 1200 bottle capacity, temperature controlled wine cabinet system and plenty of room to enjoy the Vino!
  4. A huge gourmet Kitchen open to the Hearth Room.  We sell quite a few new homes in Montgomery so we know first hand that very few have a great room AND a hearth room.  This added space for family and friends is sure to be used on a daily basis.
  5. HUGE Finished Basement – In the basement, you’ll find an enormous rec room, walk behind bar and bedroom with a full bath.  Did we mention it also has a steam room! On those rainy days where you can’t be outside, this area is a perfect alternative.
As if those features aren’t enough, you can rest assured that the house has been meticulously maintained by owners that truly cared for their home and will be sad to say goodbye!  With so much to enjoy, who wouldn’t miss it.
So, if you’re in the market for a beautiful, luxury home in Montgomery, comes on by 7740 Jolain Drive, right off Zig Zag.  We promise it’ll be worth your time!
Must do’s before listing your house!

Must do’s before listing your house!


It feels like Spring. So, lets start acting like it! After all, the market sure is! Over the past 2 months, the market has been on fire and listings are selling faster than ever. But the secret to success is not just slapping a home up on MLS and tossing a sign in the yard.

Before you list your home, there’s a simple checklist that you should work through to make sure you put your best foot forward. No, we’re not talking about staging the house or remodeling. We’re talking about the practical, quick fixes that can make your house shine in just an afternoon!


Here’s our Build Cincinnati’s must-do list:

  1. Mulch – If you’re about to list your home, immediately go to Home Depot to grab a few bags of mulch. In an hour, you can spruce up the curb appeal drastically with just a few bags of mulch and spreading them around the beds.
  2. Flowers and Grass Cutting – You don’t need a green thumb to make your house stand out. It’s all about the photos on the internet that attracts people into you home. So, the more color and orderly your yard looks, the better you’ll compare to your competition. If all else fails, call your local landscaper!
  3. De-clutter We all have too much stuff! This is just life, unless you’re a true minimalist. Our solution: grab a few boxes and start to shovel some of the extra personal items in there. These can be knickknacks, photos, cluttered wall art, magazines, or anything else that catches your eye. The motto ‘less is more’ is key when prepping your home for photos and showings!
  4. PURGE! Chances are you won’t be taking everything with you when you move. So start the purge now. Grab a garage can and start to remove the items now. This will make the move more manageable when that time comes.
  5. Act like you don’t live there! This is the hardest task. We understand that life pulls you in different directions and kids/animals aren’t always cooperative. But, keeping your house clean and tidy is key to putting your best foot forward for every showing. So as you leave every day, try to emulating a Pottery Barn catalog best you can!

Now, we could name 100 others quick fixes, but we’ve found that time is normally tough to come by when you’re planning to sell your home. In an effort to make the preparation process manageable for you and other Sellers, these items should be the top priority rather than getting side tracked by other glitzy sales ideas!

And, if you have time to spare once these items are complete, we can always make a few other recommendations!

Happy Selling!

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