Building your dream home can be complicated, but an expert custom home builder in Cincinnati can make all the difference in the quality and beauty of your home. Before you choose your builder, you can do a lot to prepare for the process.

The Design and Architecture of Your Home

Before you decide whether to include a designer, start gathering information about your likes and dislikes. Take photographs, make a scrapbook, or find information about homes you really love. A designer will work alongside your architect to incorporate your personal touches in the finished product. Designers also have access to furnishings and fabrics you may not otherwise consider, and this can add a lot of enjoyment to your new home.

Your layout should have traffic flow that suits your lifestyle, including areas for children to eat and play, and/or adult recreation.

Selecting a Site

There are many great sites for custom home builders to create your perfect Cincinnati home. Look for sites that have the right shape and the amount of space for your new home, zoning regulations, and access to things that support your lifestyle. If you love city life and shopping you may not enjoy a more rural setting. If you like quiet, outdoor living, and open spaces a site can be found that suits your style. Parking and driveways will be part of what you will think about as well. Make sure your site matches your dream design.


The obvious cost of building has occurred to you already, but you may not be thinking about permits and licenses that will be needed for plumbing, electrical, and heating/air conditioning. Building your own home also has unexpected hurdles – be sure to be realistic about setbacks that can crop up. A qualified custom home builder in Cincinnati will go over a complete list with you, and will communicate any setbacks right away.

Choosing Your Builder

This is a long-term relationship, so be sure to choose someone you are comfortable with. Look for some key factors in your search for the right custom home builder in Cincinnati.

  • Licensure
  • Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Warranty

Ask for a no-obligation consultation. This will allow you to see whether you feel comfortable with a builder; communicate well with each other, and whether your builder embraces your vision for your custom home.