When it comes to custom homes, Cincinnati is a constantly growing market. Today’s homes tend to have a clean, streamlined look compared to traditional homes of the past. In fact, some estimate that up to half of the custom homes being built today are modern, with contemporary architectural features that are shifting away from a traditional look.

Some homebuyers may find ultra modern homes to be uncomfortable and even sterile, and an experienced custom home builder can help a buyer achieve the right balance between comfortable and modern. There are many options for creating a modern look that is also homey and cozy.

What exactly does “contemporary” or “modern” mean? Generally the contemporary look is much simpler, straighter, and less ornate. Flourishes such as moldings and columns are not included.

Simplified Interior Details

In new custom homes Cincinnati builders can create clean lines and leave out ornate details to create sleek modern lines. Ornate mantels & carved moldings are replaced with lighter architectural elements. That doesn’t mean that high-end fixtures can’t be added according to personal taste. Many beautiful modern fixtures fit a contemporary design wonderfully.

Modern Kitchen Designs

Heavy, dark woods are making an exit in design, and white cabinets are the modern replacement. The function is trumping form with chef-quality kitchen fixtures and appliances that make cooking easy and bring the family together into a larger space. Traditional kitchen eating spaces are being replaced by countertop eating areas with bar stools that accommodate active lifestyles.

Modern Color Palettes

Contemporary design used to mean a stark, cold feel, but ultra modern homes combine clean lines with warmer custom colors that make living spaces cozy. Wood finishes add warmth and interest to a space, and modern furniture can bring detail while keeping the smooth lines of the modern design. Great new fabrics can add pattern and texture.

Combined Materials

A fabulous chandelier can be a modern touch in the right room, combining an elegant crystal element with simple architectural elements. Using favorite pieces as focal points in a room enhances the contemporary feel while giving your home a personal touch.

For an expert consultation on your custom home in Cincinnati offers professionals you can trust to make your contemporary home truly your own.