The Cincinnati Tax Abatement is Changing! Here’s What You Need to Know

The Cincinnati Tax Abatement is CHANGING!  Learn More Here

On September 2nd, City Council passed a motion to change the policy to the current Tax Abatement also known as the Community Reinvestment Areas. The tax abatement allows residents and businesses to have a portion of their property taxes abated based on the improved value of their investment into a specific property. Essentially, if you renovate or build a home in the City of Cincinnati, you have the opportunity to pay less in taxes if you follow certain criteria.

Quick disclosure as we get started, this blog post is not meant to give you a step by step guide how to have your taxes abated nor is it the end of your fact finding on changes. I am a real estate agent that focuses on New Construction in Cincinnati, but not an attorney, consultant or expert on the tax abatement policies. I say this to make sure you understand that expert guidance may still be needed if you are making investments or decisions to which the tax abatement may impact..

Anyways, back to the information…the original goal of the tax abatement and the CRA (Community Reinvestment Areas) is to remain intact. If you read through the City’s tax abatement information, you’ll see that the original goal of the CRA was to: 1) stimulate community revitalization, 2) retain City residents, 3) attract homeowners, and 4) reduce development costs of home-ownership and rental projects. To find out more, click here to review the City’s website on the current tax abatement

Fast forward to today, City Council under Vice Mayor Smitherman has empowered “The Property Tax Working Group” at the end of 2018 was set up to investigate the effects of the CRA and see how they can improve upon it. These are the results of thousands of hours of review by that group and recommendations from a number of parties.

In regards to the suggested changes, which may soon become a reality, here’s what you need to know. 
    • Tax Abatement Terms and Caps are CHANGING – Each of the categories for new construction has gone down. There are also new incentives based on Historic Renovations, Visibility and renovations in general. Click Here to See A Chart of the Caps for Each Category
    • Four Families may be moving from the Commercial tax abatement requirements to residential, which is highly favorable for owners of multi-families.
    • Visibility – This is a term you might not know yet, but soon will. By increasing threshold widths, creating zero step entries, and adding “visitable paths”, you may be able to increase your abated value by $100,000. This can only be done at the planning stage, during design, and could save you around $2500/year. For more information on visibility, click here (
    • Tiered Approach Under Consideration –  On the final policy change, you may see something along the lines of a tiered neighborhood approach. We’ve heard that they plan to continue to engage in an extensive study to review this option.
    • Grandfathering – USGBC and the HBA are talking through the provisions for grandfathering properties to the old Tax Abatement Rules that are in some phase of development. This is still TBD and being discussed, but will most likely be a part of the new ordinance.
    • TALK TO YOUR CONSULTANT – It’s more important than ever to talk to your consultant, especially Green Building Consulting, who has been at the forefront of these changes.


We know this motion and policy is NOT set in stone, but it’s important to keep an eye on these changes. We’re lucky to call Paul Yankie of Green Building Consulting a friend, so we’re one call away from understanding where these changes stand. And if you’re considering building or renovation, we encourage you to give his firm or any of the other LEED building consultants in town a call.  

Disclosure: Since this information is changing on a daily basis, please consult the City of Cincinnati, a LEED Consultant and/or your builder before you act on any of this information. We can not guarantee any of this for accuracy as it’s based on our interpretation of the Property Tax Working Group and Home Builders Association information.

Want Even More In Depth Information?  Visit the City of Cincinnati Site here


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Cincinnati Tax Abatement – Explained!

Cincinnati Tax Abatements… Explained!

** The Tax Abatement guidelines have changed since this was written in March of 2020* Please See Our Updated Video and article Here for the most up to date information.


If you’ve been living in the City of Cincinnati, chances are you’ve heard about the tax abatement for new construction and remodeled homes.  But, do you really know how it works??

Paul Yankie, President & CEO of Green Building Consulting sat down with us to give us a little crash course on the tax abatement & LEED Construction and why it’s been such a driving force in the Cincinnati residential real estate market.

Paul explains it best in our chat with him, but here are the main takeaways:

  1. The Cincinnati Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Residential Tax Abatement, as it’s called, offers property owners the ability to minimize tax implications when you build, add-on or invest in your home.  This means that any improvements will NOT significantly add to the property tax bill.  You would only pay on the amount of “pre-improvement” value, up to $275,000.
  2. LEED Certification: This is the secret topping to the tax abatement. Basically, LEED Building = Green Building = Energy Efficiency.The City of Cincinnati is one of the BEST places to build a LEED certified home because it saves you even more money.  The higher the rating, the more money you save. LEED Silver allows for up to $400,000 abated, LEED Gold is up to $562,000 and LEED Platinum is UNLIMITED.  Of course, LEED comes with it’s extra building costs, but that’s specific to the home you build and how much money you can spend!
  3. Find a professional (a builder or Build Collective or Green Building Consulting) that understands the tax abatement and construction process.  They can help you determine what the best plan of action is for you.

Now that you’re armed with this information, doesn’t building and remodeling in the City sound that much better? Not only can you design a home specifically for you and your family, but you can save money in the process!

See How Much Money You Can Save on A New Home with Our Tax Abatement Calculator!

Tax Savings Calculator Here

Want Even More In Depth Information?  Visit the City of Cincinnati Site here


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1201 EDGECLIFF PLACE – Soaring Views, Luxury Living & Everything New!

1201 EDGECLIFF PLACE – Soaring Views, Luxury Living & Everything New!

Condos in Cincinnati come in all shapes and sizes. There are urban downtown units in OTR,
Kentucky offers floor plans with views of the Cincinnati skyline, and then there are incredible high-rise options in
Walnut Hills with a little bit of both! Unfortunately, these can be hard to find! Luckily for you, we have an exquisite condo that has checked multiple criteria boxes for a number of buyers. 1201 Edgecliff Place, Unit 1043 in Walnut Hills, is seconds from Eden Park and minutes to downtown.

Just why is this condo so special? It doesn’t take much selling, but here’s a few of our favorite
1. Incredible Sweeping Views of Downtown Cincinnati and the River: Although it might only be on the 4th floor, we challenge you to find a better, unobstructed view! You’ll have soaring sights from each room and the three balconies that have views of downtown, up the river and the vistas of Northern Kentucky. While you’re not enjoying the view, take a stroll over to Eden Park, Mt. Adams or a bike ride Downtown to Smale Park! The connectivity is truly unparalleled


2. Completely Remodeled: Every inch in this condo has been elegantly crafted and renovated so a buyer can move right in without a worry in the world. Each thought out detail can be appreciated within just minutes of entering the condo. We can assure you that there are few homes in Cincinnati that can rival the workmanship in Unit 1043!

3. Fully Automated, Smart Home: Let’s face it, technology makes life easy. And, in 1043, life is as easy as it gets. With a button to control the blinds and another for the lights, there’s no need to over exhaust yourself by getting up off the couch! Let your Ipad control your life…but don’t let it distract you from the blissful views and elegant environment!

4. Walkability Galore: Whether you’re a dog lover or just an avid walker/runner, Edgecliff has what you need. With sidewalks that can get you everywhere from Eden Park to Mt. Adams to Downtown, there’s more than enough miles of sidewalks to wear you out. On a rainy day, you can use one of the 3 treadmills down in the gym! Did we mention thatt he Flying Pig and other running events run right by the building?!?

5. Building Amenities that Rival the best Manhattan Condos! Few buildings can rival the condos at Edgecliff Place. Built less than 30 years ago, this fairly new building has every amenity that you can think of. With a full time concierge, gym, Max Welton entertaining house, green space, lobby and maintenance manager, you’ll have no need unfulfilled. They’ll even change your lightbulbs!!

We could keep going on and on about how great this home is, but I think it’s time you come on
through. Click here to see more details on the property and to fall in love…